EcoSafe OnSite Service Agreement

Downtime can cost 100 to10,000 times more than a service contract. Reduce the cost of printer downtime, due to lost productivity and unbudgeted repair costs, by selecting OnSite service agreement.


Ecosafe OnSite Service Agreement allows you to plan and budget your annual service needs, reduce the soft costs associated with out-of-service printers, and increase uptime.


Ecosafe OnSite Service Agreement guaranteed that your printer will be repaired in a timely manner, reducing the impact on your business operations.


Choose the service option right for your company. Whether you value turn-around time or having a pool of maintained inventory for replacement purposes, Ecosafe offers a plan that will fit your budget and business needs.




EcoSafeInk has focused its business strategies in Eco-Friendly and Recycling policies, by remanufacturing consumables and printer parts, minimizing waste and the usage of raw materials to protect natural resources.

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